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A Korogocho, slum di Nairobi, si prega per la conciliazione



PSALM 34, 15                                                                                                           Korogocho, 9th January 2008 


 Ez. 34, 11-12: For thus says the Lord God: I myself will look after and tend my sheep. As a shepherd tends his flock when he finds himself among his scattered sheep, so will I tend my sheep. I’ll rescue them from every place where they were scattered when it was cloudy and dark. We the Spiritual Leaders of Korogocho feel impelled to advocate for the rights of the common mwananchi against all kinds of exploitation and manipulation. The  recent skirmishes occasioned by the just ended general election have prompted in us the following concerns which we feel need urgent addressed. 1-     INSECURITYThe community has witnessed unacceptable mass killing of the poor, destruction of property, people forced to leave their homes and become refugees elsewhere just because they belong to a particular ethnic group or have a particular political stand. This situation of insecurity has subjected the entire community to a life of constant fear. We condemn this situation in the strongest term possible and appeal for an immediate security reinforcement in the slum. 2 – POLICE PARTIALITYIn The midst of these skirmishes the conduct of the police leaves a lot to be desired. This law enforcement establishment has evidently taken sides in relation to the opposing parties. Furthermore people have had to bribe the police in return to their services namely escort.An other incident is where a police O.C.S adamantly ask a particular community to go to their tribal national leader for provisional security. The compromise of the police impartiality is shameful and unfortunate. We invite them to take up their role in sincerity and transparency for the love of the community. 3 – COMMUNITY POLARISATIONThe present political, ethnic and tribal differences in the slum is alarming. People who have coexisted together for many years are today strangers with each other living in open suspicion and fear of each other. We therefore call for sincere dialogue within the community irrespective of one’s political and ethnic affiliation. We further recommend this dialogue among our political leaders.1 John 4: 20-21: If anyone says “I love God” but hates his brother he is a liar; for whoever does not love a brother whom he has seen cannot love God who he has not seen. This is the commandment we have from HIM: whoever loves God must also live his brother. 4 – DECISION MAKING PROCESSThe poor have a God-given right to participate in deciding on issues that touch common interest. They have a right to contribute directly or by representation to the cultural, economic, political and social life of the civil community to which they belong. This right is not restricted only to a certain class of people, namely, the haves. We note with shame and sadness that the decisions are restricted to the discernment and will of a few: the powerful. This is very unfair given that this country belongs to all and not just a chosen few. The poor common people have no say in their own Government. They are refugees and aliens in their own country. We all need to have a say in decision-making. The people have to be really represented by someone in Parliament.  5 – BASIC COMMODITIES This situation has related to further hiking of already high of prices of essential commodities namely food, medication drinking water etc.As previously mentioned in our 2006 end year declaration entitled: “THE CRY OF THE POOR IN KOROGOCHO” we condemn this unjust price hike. All those in business must ensure that the community in which they work represents the good of everyone and not a structure that permit the satisfaction of someone’s mere personal interest. As in creates situation favorable to the free exercise of the economical activity, the state must be inspired by the principle of solidarity and establish limits for the autonomy of the parties to defend the weak. In addition, we appeal to the government the NGO’s, and other well wishes to come to the aid of the many families currently homeless, without food medication and others basic needs to alleviate the most immediate human pain and sufferings. 6 – HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNSBeing in Korogocho slum, we witness many others situations that call for immediate attention. These include:

  1. Landlord-tenants disputes
  2. The health and environmental hazardous Dandora dumping site
  3. Lack of infrastructures
  4. The slum upgrading process
  5. Unemployment and idleness
  6. Substance abuse and indiscriminate alcohol consumption.

 These are just but a few of the many issues that require a just, fair, wise and sober governemt. CONCLUSIONWe believe that God is the protagonist of all events. It is his desire that his children live in harmony, justice, peace and reconciliation. We as religious leaders are ready to collaborate with all persens of good will in order to create a society where all we feel at home. But we seek sincerity and transparency from all parties involved.GOD BLESS ALLGODD BLESS KENYA   BY: 1.         Pastor Elly Ochieng                                                     Grace Given Church2.         Bishop Silvanus Olonde                                              Christ Doctrine Church3.         Fr. Daniele Moschetti                                                  St.John Catholic Church4.         Fr. Paolo Latorre                                                        St. John Catholic Church5.         Fr. John Webotsa                                                       St. John Catholic Church6.         Bishop Caleb Alingo                                                   Glory Church7.         Mwalimu Joannes Odhiambo                                      Lejio Maria8.         Pastor Philippe Odando                                              Israel Ninive Church9.         Pastor Erastus Omukangu                                           Rehema Church10.       Pastor James Mburu                                                   Tumaini Church11.       Captain Aggrey Otieno                                               Anglican Church12.       Pastor Paul Gathiru                                                     Wakorino Church13.       Pastor Nicholas Agisah                                               Compassion Ministries14.       Pastor Michael Omondi Oyiera                                   Christian Family Ministry Kenya15.       Pastor David Obange                                                  Gospel Baptist Church16.       Bishop Charles Keya                                                  M.R.I17.       Pastor Charles Adie                                                    F.F.M18.       Reverend George Maina                                             T.P.F.J.N.19.       Pastor Raphael Ouma                                                 The life Ministry of GOD20.       Bishop Alex Oiamo                                                     F.O.C.C.21.       Pastor Isaac Juma                                                       G.E.W.C-22.       Evans Muthanya                                                         Apostolic Church of GOD23.       Pastor Michael Owanda Achieng Oyo             New Salvation Christian Church24.       Bishop Jacob Nyawade                                              Great Fundation25.       Pastor Richard Kulundu                                              A.C. of GOD26.       Pastor Gabriel Njoroge                                               Life Gospel ministry27.       Pastor Ben Makumi                                                    Grace renewal C.center28.       Pastor Job Mwendona                                    Christlike missionaries of today Inter.29.       Reverend Moses Otunga                                             Kao la Tumaini mission30.       Pastor Njoroge Thiga                                                  Church of God31.       Reverend Motari Timothy                                           W.E.V.O.M.I.C32.       Pastor Samuel Odera                                                  Jesus Christ never change ministry33.       Pastor Newton Kitheru Maina                         K.C. of Prophets34.       Pastor Samuel Mwangi                                               Great Victory Church35.       Pastor Samuel K. Njenga                                            C.W.S.C.C.36.       Pastor John Onyango                                                  J.R.M37.       Pastor Edward Okaka                                                Living spiritual church38.       Leader Samson Opyio                                     Living spiritual church39.       Pastor Muchembe Maina                                            Calvari worship center40.       Leader Geoffrey Chacha                                             M.E.M.

41.       Leader David Kimani                                                  G.R.C.

42.       Pastor James Alara                                                     D.E.M.43.       Brother Maurice Ochieng                                            K.A.G.

44.       Pastor Michael Mararo                                               S.M.M

45.       Archbp. Elias Akumu Ooko                                        Adundo Jesu Church

46.       Pastor Omari Omollo                                                  Jesus Restoration & Healing Min.

47.       Rev. Joseph Kariuki                                                    K.A.G. Highridge

48.       Pastor Gabriel Makumi                                               Tumaini Church

49.       Pastor Washington Oyugi                                            Amani Church

50.       Pastor George Asis                                                     Tumaini Church


KOSLA –  Korogocho Spiritual Leaders Association

                  P.O. Box 47714    NAIROBI

                  0727 905672    0724 153052



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