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Sezione italiana del movimento internazionale “We Are Church” per la riforma della Chiesa cattolica

Un messaggio da We Are Church di Norvegia risponde alla amicizia e alla solidarietà di “Noi Siamo Chiesa”

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your concern and support. We
have lived through some unbelievable days. I suppose you know about the facts.
The bombing of the government’s main buildings in Oslo city centre with 8 dead
people and many casualties on Friday afternoon. Grave damage to the
buildings in the area. It looks like a war zone.  Then the next shock a
couple of hours later. The shooting at the island where the Labour party’s
youth organisation held their summer camp. A man dressed as police quietly and
systematically shot and killed between 60 and 70 young people. Many tried to
escape swimming away from the island. It lasted an hour and a half before the
real police got there and put an end to it. A hell. The youngest kids were 14
years old.

suppose most people thought of Islamic terrorisme. Then it dawned upon us that
the same terrorist was behind both the horrible events, and he was a blond
ethnic Norwegian.

don’t know how to explain what has happened afterwards. But I know that our
political leaders, the royal family, the police and all professionals and
volunteers have acted in a way that can only be described as fantastic. From
the first moment it has been clear that this terrorist would never be able to
destroy our democracy and our open society. There has been little focus on him.
The media have not given him a “pulpit” form where to preach his
“gospel”. The focus has been on the victims and on those who have
lost one of their nearest and on the society we want to maintain and improve.
The message from all who have taken responsibility in the situation has
been: Now we need to care for each other. And that is what people have done. We
have gone out into the streets with flowers, sharing each other’s sorrow.
Talking to each other, hugging each other or just been together in silence.
There is an ocean of flowers in the area in front of the Cathedral.

night somebody initiated a rose walk through Oslo city. It became impossible to
walk. More than 200 000 people, according to the police, gathered near the Town
Hall. It became impossible to move through the city. Everybody came with
flowers. The prime minister and our crown prince spoke to the multitude about
our values, of the society that we  will try to make even better after all
this. About love. It became such a warm, supportive event with all the silent
and caring people. I wish you could have been there.  It became a couple
of hours with shared sorrow and hope.

mass in the Lutheran Cathedral Sunday morning was also an amazing event where
sorrow, anger and hope was expressed. A wonderfull liturgy. A woman
bishop preached and showed so much concern and empathy and insight. It was the
open, including church at its very best. Never have so many politicians gone to
mass and I think it was good for them.

it continues. Not only Oslo but all over the country places  are filled up
with flowers. People meet, listen and share. I think something significant is
happening to us. Sorrow, hope and a quiet and intense determination to stand up
for our values.  A strong will to answer to gruesomeness with togetherness
and love.

of course we also need to talk about the terrorist and why nobody has seen any
signs of what was coming. Two psychiatrists will examine him to establish
whether he is insane or whether he can be hold responsible for his acts. In any
case he will never return to society again.

has been so good and touching to receive support from all parts of the world during
these days.

are going to be local elections on September 14. All political parties have
agreed they will not start any activities until August 15. Nobody can bear the
thought of politicians fighting each other right how

And now come all the burials and everything connected with them. And there are
still three or four young people missing.

is all I can manage at the moment, We all are emotionally exhausted.

you again  for your concern and kind words of support. And for your


Helene, We Are Church Norway



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