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Sezione italiana del movimento internazionale “We Are Church” per la riforma della Chiesa cattolica

Il movimento internazionale We Are Church prende posizione su giustizia, pace e salvaguardia del creato

IMWAC, justice, peace and protection of creation

Because our being in history and society as Christians, the Gospel call us to work for justice, peace and protection of creation.

In our times,

working for justice means supporting the struggle against the unjust relations between North and South of the world and against the inequalities in social and economic relationships,

working for peace means to stand against wars, against nationalisms, in defence of human rights and religious freedoms,

working for the protection of creation “means respecting each of God’s creatures and respecting the environment in which we live” *

Imwac is interested in these issues just because of its specific objectives for the reform of the Church, according to the five points of the Appeal of the spring 1995 and of the Appeal of November 1997. We would not be credible if we do not say where we stand in this wider scenario. Attention to justice, peace and protection of creation does not imply additional direct involvement of IMWAC on these issues, where other movements and associations (Pax Christi, European Network Church on the Move and others..) work according their specific missions. IMWAC and IMWAC members are invited to speak out on these themes, when the questions are of great moment and involve directly our faith in the Gospel.

Vienna, 15th March 2015 IMWAC Council

*Pope Francis, inaugural papal Mass, March 19, 2013



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