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Mons. Morris destituito dal Papa. Un altro caso Gaillot.

IMWAC message to Bishop William


Friday, 20 May 2011 23:00 | |

Very dear Bishop Bill Morris,

The International Movement We Are Church would like to express its complete solidarity with you regarding the recent position taken by the Vatican in forcing you to resign.

We are aware that this matter has been protracted for a number of years with your endeavours to resolve this tense relationship with the Vatican. We see this action as a move to simply overide your good conscience and resolve the matter to their own benefit.

We believe these actions of the Vatican are inconsistent with the Gospel and they do not conform to the wishes of the majority of those in your diocese.  We understand that the Australian Conference of Bishops have been supportive of you as well as the Council of Priests – all those who know you personally and the calibre of leadership you have shown.

We will inform all our networks about this situation in your diocese, and we hope you can continue in your endeavours to bring the Good News to people in need of it.

We stand with you, in the peace of God.

Pedro Freitas
IMWAC Coordinator




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